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Welcome to home to the world's most primitive software developers! We are a small group of highland mountain gorillas who, having learned to speak English and use computers, have been developing travel related iPhone and mobile apps for you to use in the urban jungle since 2006.

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Spanish Phrasebook for iPhone

Talking Spanish Phrasebook

Whehter you're visiting Spain, Mexico or Miami, get to grips with some basic Spanish phrases by downloading our Talking Spanish Phrasebook.

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Italian Phrasebook for iPhone

Talking Italian Phrasebook

Sightseeing the Coliseum in Rome? Make sure to download your Talking Italian Phrasebooks and let your iPhone do the talking!

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Japanese Phrasebook for iPhone

Talking Japanese Phrasebook

Packed full with over 500 professionally translated words and phrases, Coolgorilla's Talking Japanese Phrasebook is an essential download if you're visiting the Land of the Rising Sun!

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Example Phrases

  • French: Où est le meilleur restaurant de cuisine locale?

    English: Where is the best restaurant for local cuisine?

  • German: Was würden Sie unternehmen, wenn Sie nur einen Tag hier wären?

    English: If you were here for only one day what would you do?

  • Italian: Esiste una specialità locale?

    English: Is there a local speciality?

  • Dutch: Ik ben bij mijn moeder op bezoek, ze werkt in de roze buurt.

    English: I am here visiting my mother, she works in the red light district.